Am I the right Therapist for you?

Counselling can be daunting when you have not experienced it before and also when starting sessions with a new therapist. It may initially feel uncomfortable, unusual or scary, when talking to somebody new about deeply personal aspects of yourself and your life experiences. It can also be difficult to know without meeting each other, whether I am the right therapist for you.

During our first session (and on an ongoing basis) I will seek to work collaboratively with you in order to understand what brings you to therapy, what you would like to achieve and what changes you may be looking to make. By hearing from you about your unique experiences and perspectives, we can together create a positive way forward for the future.

How I work

I am trained and qualified to work as an Integrative Therapist, which means that I tailor your therapy to your unique needs, incorporating different approaches into a confidential, comfortable and safe environment within the protective confines of our therapeutic relationship.

Our therapeutic relationship is an essential and collaborative part of you finding our work together, a fulfilling experience. A key priority for me is to ensure that you have a safe, secure base from which to explore and deepen your understanding of you, your past, your present and your future hopes and dreams.

I will approach our sessions, in an open, honest and genuine way, seeking to know and understand you. Fundamentally, whatever you may wish us to achieve, it is our relationship that holds the key to unlocking, safely opening and then closing the box on difficult thoughts, feelings, previous experiences, traumas and losses.

You can’t change your past but you can understand how the past influences your thought patterns, feelings and behaviour. By understanding and working with me we can find and develop new more helpful ways of coping and responding to (conscious and unconscious) reminders of past events and relationships.

We can also use open discussion and if helpful, different creative or cognitive tools, to explore, for example, how to take control over what happens in your life right now and in the future; understanding yourself, feeling compassion for yourself and others, and finding meaning and purpose that may help you achieve all that is possible.